Basic Obedience Dog Training WEEK 1 , PART 1.

English: A one-year-old White German Shepherd ...

English: A one-year-old White German Shepherd dog ready for a command in the woods in Durham, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know how important it is to Train our dogs , if you dont , then …… GOOGLE it !!!!!!!!!

Most important to me Is safety above all , In emergency situations I would like some semblance of control over my Puppies . 

I just enrolled my Indog mix , Twitches , for Basic obedience training . For those wondering what an INdog is heres a helpful link :

Now Twitches has already had A LOT of training by me , she has PERFECTED HER SIT STAY and has the vocabulary to rival a three year old , But I’m not a professional and I cant seem to get a few things down. Also you cannot enroll in intermediate obedience without beginner classes , so I went with it .

Im going to document EVERYTHING I learn in this class and already know about training , so you guys can train your dogs , FOR FREE :D . I hope this reaches all the dog fosters and rescuers and just anyone who wants to train their babies :)


I urge you to take this STEP BY STEP , Even if your dog knows more , try going with it , even if it is just to strengthen his basics.

Things you will need :

FLAT BUCKLE collar , PLEASE do not use any kind of choke a prong collar at this stage . That should be your LAST alternative .

Standard 4 to 6 feet leash


Note : depending on where you are training the Treats you use change , eg at home no distractions use a very low value treat maybe ever kibble or just a piece of bread , vs very high value treats for high distraction areas like the dog park or a store in which case you could use real meat bits.

Remember , Do NOT make a MEAL out of the treats , The treats need to be TINY , like half the size of your thumb nail .Also try not to feed the dog A HUGE tasty meal right before training , we want her to want the treats .


The first and the MOST important thing to teach your dog is , The LOOK at me command . 

Where this is usefull : In a stressfull situation when you want your dogs attention , great for helping fearful dogs and dogs with aggression issues , and this is a building block to a ROCK SOLID COME . 

Start by saying your dogs name and when your dog make EYE CONTACT with you , mark that moment with a YES , and treat the dog. 

It is important that you reward EYE CONTACT , so make sure your dog is looking at you and not the treat in your hand , You can also get the treat near your face until he figures out what you want him to do . 

Why yes is an important marker? You can replace a clicker with the word yes , this way you don’t always have to carry a clicker with you , its just as effective as a clicker and its shorter and easier than good girl/boy . So make sure you SAY “YES ” the moment the desired behavior is achieved so your dog knows what is expected of him , accompany every YES  with a treat , so he knows yes is a good thing . Eventually , much much further down the road we can even remove treats and depend on the Yes . 

Remeber to practice this often , Through the week , or how many ever weeks you want at random times and with increasing levels of distractions , also get several people to do this with your dog and do it in several places. 

Tip: Make use of everyday opportunities to do this , like any occasion when your dog is distracted with something else . 

A very important thing to remember , DO NOT REPEAT YOUR DOGS NAME SEVERAL TIMES , DO IT ONCE , then lure your dogs face towards you with the scent of the treat , keep the treat near his nose and move it in such a way that he turns towards you . Then when he makes eye contact . BAMMM!!!!! Seal the deal with a YES , followed by the treat . 

Remember , DOGS DO NOT generalize . They might master this trick with you in your kitchen , but they will not know you expect the same in the bathroom , the living room , with some one else , let alone outside , or in the park . SO do it several times , several places , increasing distractions SLOWLY  and remember say his name ONCE . 

Also try to do this while your standing up , at least the first few times and try to not crouch and intrude into the dogs personal space , some dogs dont like that . 

OK .. its late and I gotta study , more to come soon :)

Feel free to email me any questions and comments on , I love dogs and anyone who wants to make their lives better :) 

PS: a tip for all those fearful or aggressive dogs .

In case your fearful pup is flipping out at the sight of a giant malamute or something , this handy trick will redirect his attention towards you , and with treats instead of correction he will learn that furball malamutes = treats = good= furball malamutes not so bad anymore .

There was a case where this dog was super aggressive towards certain kinds of people , ” people with hats and sunglasses on at the same time ” , and now the owner uses this trick to redirect their attention and they immediately turn towards her waiting for treats instead of biting those people which they had done in the past . 

A simple correction is often not enough , we do need to teach our dogs WHAT TO DO INSTEAD , because the dog dosnt how else to react unless we teach them .

Twitches herself is a very fearful dog , But we are making GIANT leaps of progress everyday , ok maybe not giant , but progress all the same .

as always : DONT SHOP , ADOPT .

OH and spay and neuter 

Love you , Now go walk your dog :P